Driven by curiosity, fueled by passion

Courtney L. Margulis is a person who stutters, speech-language pathologist, and doctoral student at New York University studying social cognitive influences on stuttering. Courtney also serves as an adjunct instructor at Pace University. She has been an active member in the stuttering community for over ten years, currently serving as Professional Relations Chair of the National Stuttering Association Board of Directors. She is co-author of the 3Es model for stuttering therapy and her research has recently been published in ASHA Perspectives and the Journal of Fluency Disorders.  In her 6 years of clinical practice, she has worked with hundreds of people who stutter and their families. She is also experienced in social language, expressive and receptive language, and articulation in kids, teens, and adults.  She is the founder and director of RISE Speech and Communication Center and is particularly interested in bridging the divide between research and practice.  In 2020, she received the Distinguished Early Career Professional Certificate of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). She is a writer for Medbridge Education, has been featured on several podcasts about stuttering, and has presented on stuttering at several national and international conferences.